Why Go Solar and How We Can Help!

Why should your local government support solar energy? By directly investing in solar energy, promoting the technology among local home and business owners, or reducing local barriers to solar development, local governments can help deliver a number of benefits to the citizens they serve. Solar energy helps to create local jobs and stimulates investment in the local economy. Increased solar development also helps promote energy security and protect environmental quality, reducing emissions of pollutants that degrade air and water resources and contribute to climate change.

How We Can Help
Local governments are uniquely positioned to promote solar development, and can do so in a number of ways. Updating permitting and inspection processes for solar energy systems and including solar in planning or zoning efforts can help reduce the time and cost it takes for citizens within your jurisdiction to go solar. Additionally, local governments can install demonstration projects or sponsor outreach campaigns to help raise public awareness about solar. To learn more about what local governments can do to promote a strong, local solar market, take a look at the Solar Powering Your Community guidebook. The Resources page of the Solar Outreach Partnership website provides a wealth of resources for local governments interested in solar, as does the Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Resource Center.

In addition to providing resources, the Solar Outreach Partnership offers complimentary Technical Assistance services for local governments looking to take specific actions to promote solar or overcome particular local barriers hindering the development of a local solar market. To learn more, download the SolarOPs Technical Assistance Application or email a request to solar-usa@iclei.org.

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