WEBINAR: Putting Solar Energy Use on the Local Policy Agenda

Recording of a August 23, 2013 webinar. 

Join the Solar Outreach Partnership for the first webinar in the Promoting Solar Energy Use Through Local Planning series. This webinar will explain why communities should be planning for solar energy use and offer some guidance to planners, public officials, and engaged citizens to help them initiate and facilitate conversations about solar in their communities.

One of the core purposes of local planning is facilitating the development or protection of community resources. Because the solar resource can be harvested for heat or electricity, it has a value beyond its intrinsic human health benefits. However, relatively few local plans or the development regulations that help implement them acknowledge solar energy as a resource comparable to other local resources such as vegetation, water, minerals, fossil fuel reserves, or historical buildings and heritage sites.

This conspicuous silence constitutes a significant barrier to adoption and implementation of solar technologies. As a result, this important energy resource often goes untapped, denying residents the ability to lower their energy bills and reduce demands on fossil fuel usage.

In this webinar, David Morley, AICP, Senior Research Associate with the American Planning Association and Brian Ross, Principal with CR Planning, will explain why communities should consider solar energy use from a planning perspective. They will discuss opportunities that planners, public officials, and engaged citizens have for initiating community conversations about solar energy as a local resource. Finally, they will share some specific tools communities can use to build awareness about solar development opportunities.

Listen to the webinar here, http://learning.icma.org/store/streaming/seminar-launch.php?key=rwuAiNiOw4qKfqhCzknhHFU8NNpQAGWuUTU%2FoGZswjQ%3D