WEBINAR: Promoting Solar Energy Use Through Local Development Regulations

Recording of a November 01, 2013 webinar. 

Join the Solar Outreach Partnership for the third, and final, webinar in the Promoting Solar Energy Use Through Local Planning series. This webinar will explain the importance of addressing solar energy use explicitly in local development regulations and highlight some specific types of provisions communities should consider adding to their codes.

Ann Dillemuth, AICP, Research Associate with the American Planning Association and Darcie White, AICP, Principal with Clarion Associates, will discuss how zoning, subdivision, and building code provisions can promote solar energy use, with a special emphasis on standards for principal and accessory-use solar energy systems, solar access and solar siting provisions, and solar-ready requirements.

Listen to the webinar here, http://learning.icma.org/store/streaming/seminar-launch.php?key=58apM2cdBfJvJnWxYd5JQ7BjYXRnXa%2BK2eiXSVnqrlk%3D