Toolkit: Solar Permitting, Inspection, and Interconnection

This toolkit provides clear, efficient and cost effective ways to simplify and streamline solar permitting, inspection and interconnection (PII) procedures. While it targets municipal permit review staff, inspectors, the toolkit should be useful to a diverse audience including other municipal staff, solar installers, and individual and organizations interested in seeing changes to the PII processes in their communities. The toolkit intended to provide readers with many of the key resources necessary to understand both the basics of PII practices and some of the important nuances that must be considered when promoting or pursuing associated policies or other related activities. To find out more about this subject or receive complimentary technical assistance, contact the SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership by visiting or emailing with your request for assistance.

View a PDF copy of the toolkit table of contents here


Solar Outreach Partnership Resources
SOLAR PERMITTING AND INSPECTION WEBINAR SERIES This three-webinar series on solar permitting and inspection reviews the components of rooftop solar permitting processes, and share best practices and tools for improving them.Click HERE to view the full series
HARMONIZING SOLAR PERMITTING AND INTERCONNECTION This case study focuses on the City of Santa Clara, CA’s streamlined approach to addressing PII costs, where installers can get over-the-counter permitting and interconnection review for residential solar installations under 10kW.Click HERE to view the full document
WORKSHOP PRESENTATION ON SOLAR PERMITTING & INSPECTION      The following solar workshop materials cover solar zoning codes and permitting best processes.Click HERE to view the workshop materials
IMPROVING THE EFFICIENCY OF THE ROOFTOP SOLAR PERMITTING PROCESS In this session, we will discuss approaches being used across the county to help catalyze action at a local, regional and state level to improve the efficiency of the rooftop permitting processes and highlight specific improvements being put into place.Click HERE to view the recorded webinar
Other Resources
SHARING SUCCESS: EMERGING APPROACHES TO EFFICIENT ROOFTOP SOLAR  PERMITTINGThis report outlining innovative strategies being implemented across the US to increase the efficiency of permitting procedures for rooftop solar systems. The report aims to serve as both a vehicle for discussion of permitting challenges, and as a source of inspiration for communities looking for realistic and effective ways to improve solar permitting while ensuring safe solar installations.Click HERE to view the full report
MODEL INSPECTION CHECKLIST FOR ROOFTOP PV SYSTEMSAs more rooftop solar systems are installed across the U.S., municipalities and installers face numerous challenges ensuring quality and efficiency in the permitting and inspection process. To benefit permitting authorities and installers, and ultimately energy consumers who invest in solar, IREC’s first Model Inspection Checklist for Rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) Systems provides benefits both to municipal staff and solar installers.Click HERE to view the full document hosts the National Solar Permitting Database. It organizes and simplifies solar permitting processes by compiling the information in a single location.Click HERE to view the site