Solar Fundamentals – Vol. 1: Technology

Under the Department of Energy’s Solar Outreach Partnership, SEPA undertook this effort–as the first in a series of educational publications–to assist those seeking to become more familiar with the solar industry. To lead the series, a focus on solar technology basics is placed in the forefront. The Solar Fundamentals: Technology report (Solar Fundamentals – Vol. 1: Technology) introduces and explains solar power generation systems and applications. It dives into associated components and their significance, and will help answer frequently asked questions such as:

– What is the difference between photovoltaics and concentrated solar power, and how do their efficiencies differ?

– What is solar insolation, and how does it impact solar energy production?

– What are common siting considerations for a solar power generating system? 

– How does system orientation influences a system’s generating potential?

The purpose of the entire effort is to distill information into short publications that any individual can utilize to quickly gain practical knowledge of the industry. Future volumes in the series will contain additional topics that explain the state of the solar market, financing options, and more.

Solar Fundamentals – Vol. 1: Technology