Pursuing Economic Development Through Local Government Solar Programs And Policy-Detroit, MI

In June 2014, members of the SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership (SolarOPs) held a strategy session with local government officials and various solar stakeholders to help determine a path forward for the City of Detroit to become more solar friendly. Session participants offered a number of ideas for policy improvements or new programs to facilitate greater solar deployment. In this session, facilitators from the SolarOPs team revisited some of these strategies – as well as others that have since been identified as areas of interest – in order to help the City and its constituents better understand the economic development, job creation, and end user financial benefits of each opportunity, to the end of prioritizing these for implementation.

In this session, we built upon the areas of interest identified in June, focusing on local policy actions and opportunities for economic development. In this workshop, we provided a review of the state of the local solar market, delved deeper into the local policy environment, and offered some suggestions for actions the city could take to reduce solar costs, thus expanding access to solar energy and allowing more city residents to save on utility bills. The session included local speakers and culminated in a discussion of next steps for the City of Detroit.

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