How-to Guide: Solar-Ready Buildings Planning Guide

This document should be used as a guide to influence the design of new solar ready buildings. It outlines the scope of consideration that will minimize solar installation costs and maximize solar production potential when solar technologies are applied.

The guide is divided into two sections. A checklist provides quick reference and outlines the areas that need to be considered. The checklist references a second, descriptive section that provides detail and background information to the user.

This document was designed to be concise and hence accessible to users. When implementing the strategies outlined here, other resources must be consulted. The National Electric Code and local jurisdictions have specific requirements that apply to solar and must be considered. Local solar installers will be valuable resources at this early stage.

This guide was written with the focus on new construction. While many of the considerations are similar for retrofit or renovated buildings, there are other considerations to be made for retrofit projects that are not outlined here.

Solar Ready Buildings Planning Guide

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