Guide to Implementing Solar PV for Local Governments

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Implementing municipal solar PV and other renewable energy is an effective way to achieve a municipality’s overall Energy Management goals and provide significant benefits for a community. This includes serving as a model to residents, businesses and neighboring towns and cities in environmental stewardship, enhancing economic development, and contributing to workforce development for renewable energy business in the new economy. In addition to the benefits above, the economics of solar PV can stand on their own providing for significant long-term cost savings and an energy strategy not subject to fuel price volatility, at a time when many communities are required to become more efficient in managing their limited operating resources.

The purpose of this guide is to provide a resource for local government officials who have already decided on the benefits of solar PV and are looking to implement solar PV projects on municipal buildings and land. It will provide useful information in understanding this process, specific to city and county managers.

This guide provides municipalities with a general overview to make them aware of potential considerations and possible options available, as they seek to implement solar PV. It will provide valuable insight based on the experience of the contributors of this publication, as well as from the many sources of information used in preparing this document – published articles, books, presentations, federal and state agencies, and from other publicly available sources. Read more >>