Going Solar in America: Ranking Solar’s Value to Consumers in America’s Largest Cities

Most Americans are unaware of the true financial value of solar today. Seen by many as a technological luxury, solar energy is not seriously considered as an option by most homeowners in the U.S. In this report, the N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center analyzed the financial value of solar to residential customers in America’s 50 largest cities in order to educate consumers about the savings and investment opportunity offered by solar today. “Ranking Solar’s Value to Consumers in America’s Largest Cities” compares solar’s value in different cities and offers ways that local governments can improve this value by cutting soft costs. “A Guide for Homeowners Considering Solar PV in America’s 50 Largest Cities” helps homeowners understand the financial value solar can offer them and the different options available to them when going solar.

Going Solar in America – Ranking Solar’s Value to Customers (For Governments)

Going Solar in America – A Customer Guide  (For Consumers)