Public Safety

This section includes information and resources on firefighter training and emergency uses of solar energy.

Rooftop Solar PV and Firefighter Safety

This SolarOPs fact sheet gives a brief overview of typical solar PV installations, addresses the major hazards and risks to firefighters, discusses fire safety in Germany (the country with the most installed solar PV per capita), and suggests recommendations and resources to ensure that first responders are prepared to fight fires on homes and buildings with rooftop solar PV.

Solar Panels in Right-of-Way

Learn how the Town of Carver, Massachusetts used a public-private partnership to install solar panels in their right-of-way.

Solar PV Emergency & Resilience Planning

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, and powerful storms often occur with little warning, and can leave communities without power, providing further challenges to disaster relief efforts. A range of solar photovoltaic (PV) system applications are available and have the ability to meet critical power needs during emergency operations.

Smart Off-Grid Lighting & Security Webinar

Over the past decade there have been significant advancements in off-grid lighting and security in terms of reliability and cost reduction. Now we are entering the age of “Smart Off-Grid”, combining green energy with advanced cloud-based software that enables the remote monitoring, management and control of off-grid lighting. This brings off-grid lighting and security to Read More »

Regional Solar Podcast: Regional Emergency Uses for Solar Technology

Jason Halpern and Patrick Murphy, founders of Gridless Power, discuss emergency uses of solar technology with NARC. Gridless Power is deploying solar technology in non-traditional formats when conventional power sources may be scarce or unavailable.

Firefighter Safety and Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Webinar

This webinar will share the results of research conducted by UL to examine the fire service concerns of photovoltaic (PV) systems and the potential impact of firefighting operations. These concerns included firefighter vulnerability to electrical and casualty hazards when mitigating a fire involving PV systems.

The need for this project is significant due to the increasing use of PV systems, growing at a rate of 30% annually. As a result of greater utilization, traditional firefighter tactics for suppression, ventilation and overhaul have been complicated, leaving firefighters vulnerable to potentially severe hazards. Though the electrical and fire hazards associated with PV systems have been known for some time, a very limited body of knowledge and insufficient data exists to understand the risks to the extent that the fire service has been unable to develop safety solutions and respond in a safe manner.

During the webinar, presenter Bob Backstrom from UL’s Corporate Research Department and Dennis Grubb, Assistant Fire Marshal from the Orange County Fire Authority will share data and specific examples that will assist local governments and the fire service community to develop best practices to reduce firefighter death and injury. To access a recording of the webinar, click here.