Net Metering

This section includes information and resources on solar net metering.

Solar Podcast: Nashville, TN

A mayor’s green initiative results in a high-profile civic building project that features a 211kW ‘behind the meter’ solar installation. The first-of-its-kind solar design and implementation has since been employed by another large-scale user in Tennessee: an automobile manufacturing plant. Solar Podcast: Nashville, TN Click for full resource.

2009 Model Net Metering Rules

On significant points such as size of systems eligible for net metering, program capacity caps, and treatment of annual excess generation, there has been broad variation between states. In an effort to capture this variation, IREC’s model rules now include footnotes that discuss the various approaches states have taken on these issues. 2009 Model Net Read More »

The Intersection of Net Metering & Retail Choice: An Overview of Policy, Practice & Issues

In regulated states, net metering is a fairly straightforward process, involving a transaction between a utility and customer. In complex competitive markets, however, retail choice providers and distribution utilities must communicate in order to provide net metering for their customers. Furthermore, every state has a different set of laws and regulations that make it difficult for retail Read More »

Getting to A Win-Win: Distributed Solar & Utility Cost Recovery

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability USA, North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center, and the Meister Consultants Group as members of the SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership present a free hour-long webinar on regulatory and rate design pathways to deeper solar cost reduction relevant to recent discussions on around the county solar fees and net metering.

Aggregate Net Metering: Opportunities for Local Governments Report

Aggregate Net Metering: Opportunities for Local Governments is a report from the North Carolina Solar Center released under the SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership. Aggregate Net Metering is the practice of allowing one or more customers to combine their electrical meters for the purpose of net metering. Because local governments typically have many electric accounts and meters, Read More »

Technical Report: Net Metering Model Rules

This IREC report presents the most effective net-metering policies with a focus on the size of systems eligible for net metering, program capacity caps, and treatment of annual excess generation.

To read this report, click here.