Developing a Plan

This section includes everything related to creating a plan for solar energy in a community.

Solar Roadmap: Your Path to Prosperity

Navigating the rapidly evolving solar energy market can be a challenge and charting the right course for a community requires both local and national knowledge. The Solar Roadmap platform, and its free resources, organize global best practices and make them easily accessible locally for government agencies, regional organizations, businesses and electric utilities. Learn how the Read More »

Solar Case Study: Berea, KY

This case study focuses on how Berea, Kentucky was able to build a solar farm in their community through community support. Solar Case Study: Berea, KY Click for full resource.

Resources for Solar Powering Your Community

The SolarOPs team created a list of resources to assist local governments and regional councils bolster solar development. The resources include comprehensive guides as well as specific information on solar-ready building design, campaign organizing, zoning codes, expedited permitting, net metering, and interconnection. Click HERE to access the resource list.

Pima Association of Governments: Regional Solar Plan Case Study

The Pima Association of Governments (PAG) created a Regional Solar Plan, comprised of twelve primary stages designed to establish a viable market for solar energy; help their region compete effectively with other western states; stimulate investment and workforce growth in the region; and secure the participation of key stakeholders.  This case study created by the National Association Read More »

Maximum Solar at the Heart of Urban Forests

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability presents a free webinar on Urban Forest and Solar Energy entitled Maximum Solar at the Heart of Urban Forests as part of the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership program.

Planning and Zoning for Solar Energy: Annotated Bibliography

The American Planning Association compiled a list of resources on aspects of solar energy implementation. Planning and Zoning for Solar Energy: Annotated Bibliography Click for full resource.

Balancing Solar Energy Use with Potential Competing Interests

Most communities pursue multiple goals simultaneously through a range of plans, policies, regulations, and programs. The decisions communities make in support of one goal may have a positive, negative, or negligible effect on other goals. When a community considers each goal in isolation, it may miss opportunities to address potential conflicts before they occur. Once Read More »

Integrating Solar Energy into Local Plans

Communities adopt local plans in order to chart courses for more sustainable and livable futures. Planners and public officials then use these plans to inform decisions that affect the social, economic, and physical growth and change of their communities. Given the potential economic and environmental benefits of local solar energy production, it is no wonder Read More »

WEBINAR: Promoting Solar Energy Use Through Local Plans

The second webinar in the Promoting Solar Energy Use Through Local Planning series. While the first webinar in the series explained why communities should be planning for solar energy, this webinar takes a closer look at how communities can incorporate references to solar energy use as well as specific solar-related goals, policies, and actions into local plan documents.

Regional Solar Initiative: Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s Regional Solar Initiative helps communities get lower pricing and better quality service by bringing them together to obtain energy-related goods and services.