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This section includes additional information on planning for solar energy.

Solar Zoning and Access Toolkit

One effective way for municipal governments to enable solar energy in their communities is through solar ordinances. Addressing solar in a municipality’s zoning code can ensure that solar installations are safe, standardized, and effective. Solar access laws can ensure that residents and business owners have the right to install and benefit from solar installations on their property. This toolkit provides an overview of key issues and directs readers to comprehensive resources, best practices, and model ordinances.


Pairing solar and storage can provide unique savings opportunities and enhanced resiliency for public facilities. Aligned with National Preparedness Month, this fact sheet provides an introduction to solar+storage technologies, highlights deployed projects and existing funding programs to support public facilities, and references recently developed resources to assist local governments in further exploring solar+storage projects. These resources include the Resiliency Toolkit developed by the Solar Outreach Partnership.

Resources for Solar Powering Your Community

The SolarOPs team created a list of resources to assist local governments and regional councils bolster solar development. The resources include comprehensive guides as well as specific information on solar-ready building design, campaign organizing, zoning codes, expedited permitting, net metering, and interconnection. Click HERE to access the resource list.

New Solar Inspection Tool to Help Ensure Quality, Efficiency and Safety

As more rooftop solar systems are installed across the U.S., municipalities and installers face numerous challenges ensuring quality and efficiency in the permitting and inspection process. To benefit permitting authorities and installers, and ultimately energy consumers who invest in solar, the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, Inc. (IREC) just released the first Model Inspection Checklist for Rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) Systems.

Solar Roadmap: Your Path to Prosperity Webinar

Navigating the rapidly evolving solar energy market can be a challenge and charting the right course for a community requires both local and national knowledge. The Solar Roadmap platform, and its free resources, organize global best practices and make them easily accessible locally for government agencies, regional organizations, businesses and electric utilities. Join the National Read More »

Steps to a Successful Solar RFP

This brief is designed to aid those overseeing procurement for the local government they serve with developing successful Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for solar energy systems. Readers will learn about the essential elements of a solar RFP and receive introductory guidance on how to evaluate any proposals received, and are directed to tools, resources, and sample documents that can help maximize the effectiveness of their solar procurement efforts.

To read this brief, click here.

Solar America Cities Podcast: Solar in Pittsburgh

Jason Kambitsis, a Senior Planner with the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of City Planning, discusses the Pittsburgh Solar Initiative. Pittsburgh was named as one of the Department of Energy’s 25 Solar America City in 2007 and as a member of a Rooftop Solar Challenge team in 2011. The city has worked to identify suitable sites for solar, increase solar on city facilities, and train city employees to install solar systems. This podcast explores the city’s successes, challenges, and lessons learned.

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Technical Report: Model Interconnection Procedures

IREC’s “Model Interconnection Procedures” synthesizes best practices in interconnection from across the country into model interconnection procedures.

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