Solarize Programs Toolkit

Solarize programs are a way for municipalities and other organizations to coordinate group purchases of solar systems through a community-based campaign. Solarize programs can lower the cost of solar installations, provide lasting increases in installation rates, and jump-start local solar markets. This toolkit provides an overview of the key issues and directs readers to comprehensive resources, best practices, and lessons learned from previously implemented Solarize campaigns.

Solar for Safety, Security, and Resilience Toolkit

There is a growing interest in using renewable energy options like solar to improve community resiliency. During extreme weather events, solar can help prevent power outages by providing emergency energy to critical facilities and recovery efforts. Solar can provide electricity to remote or less accessible areas, and is flexible enough to be a mobile or Read More »

Solar for Economic Development Toolkit

Most people are familiar with solar energy’s environmental benefits, but solar energy adoption also presents numerous economic and community development opportunities. Solar expands local markets, reduces electricity costs, improves business competitiveness, and increases property values. It leads to short term jobs in construction, installation, and site development as well as long term positions in facility Read More »

Resources for Solar Powering Your Community

The SolarOPs team created a list of resources to assist local governments and regional councils bolster solar development. The resources include comprehensive guides as well as specific information on solar-ready building design, campaign organizing, zoning codes, expedited permitting, net metering, and interconnection. Click HERE to access the resource list.

Model Ordinances for Solar

With increases in solar energy development throughout the country, there is an increased need for common sense land use regulations for solar energy systems. By developing model ordinances for solar, regions can provide a needed service to their communities, while also creating an opportunity that supports solar deployment- all at minimal cost.  This presentation created Read More »

Toolkit: Solar Permitting, Inspection, and Interconnection

This toolkit provides clear, efficient and cost effective ways to simplify and streamline solar permitting, inspection and interconnection (PII) procedures. While it targets municipal permit review staff, inspectors, the toolkit should be useful to a diverse audience including other municipal staff, solar installers, and individual and organizations interested in seeing changes to the PII processes in their communities.

Collaborative Procurement Toolkit

When local governments and communities work together to implement solar energy programs, many barriers to solar can be reduced. Collaborative solar procurement allows for lower installation and transition costs, faster initiation, and can aggregate demand for solar energy in the region.  This toolkit developed by the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) provides step-by-step instructions Read More »

Regional PACE Program Toolkit

To make solar energy more affordable, building owners are able to minimize upfront costs of solar by utilizing a property tax repayment method. PACE programs provide individuals with low interest financing options and long term re-payment periods. This toolkit provides step-by-step instructions that regions can utilize to develop a local PACE program. Click HERE to Read More »

Streamline Permitting and Inspection Processes Toolkit

Streamlining a region’s permitting processes for solar installation can reduce costs and confusion by providing clearly defined requirements, expedited processing for solar installations and the option to submit paperwork online. This toolkit created by the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) provides step-by-step instructions on getting started on streamlining your region’s solar permitting process. Click HERE Read More »

Solar Mapping Toolkit

Solar Mapping can be used as an effective tool to raise awareness and interest in solar energy in your region. Maps can estimate the generating capacity and cost of a solar installation by neighborhood, block, or even building.  This toolkit created by the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) provides step-by-step instructions on setting up Read More »

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