Incorporating Solar In Your Work

Solar energy has shown striking growth in recent years, steadily becoming a real economic player and energy source across the country. This presentation explains how to effectively make the case for solar, and how other regional councils have had success integrating solar into their current planning efforts. Click HERE to view the presentation.

Alternative Energy Ordinance Framework Workshop

As solar energy development increases, regions are realizing the need for consistent guidance around constructing renewable energy ordinances. Regions are developing model ordinances and frameworks to provide guidance and sample language for solar PV installations that promote safe and sound community development. In a time of tight budgets, model ordinances are an efficient and cost Read More »

Model Ordinances for Solar

With increases in solar energy development throughout the country, there is an increased need for common sense land use regulations for solar energy systems. By developing model ordinances for solar, regions can provide a needed service to their communities, while also creating an opportunity that supports solar deployment- all at minimal cost.  This presentation created Read More »

Utility Community Solar Handbook: Understanding and Supporting Utility Program Development

The handbook provides the utility’s perspective on community solar program development and is a resource for government officials, regulators, community organizers, solar energy advocates, non-profits and interested citizens who want to support their local utility in implementing a project.

Solar Powering Your Community

The U.S. Department of Energy developed this comprehensive resource to assist local governments and stakeholders in building sustainable local solar markets. Click here to access the PDF.

Local Lending For Solar PV: A Guide For Local Governments Seeking To Engage Financial Institutions

Local governments are in a unique position to engage local lending institutions on the opportunities presented by a growing solar market. Governments can offer education and resources on solar PV technology and best practices for building financial models. Additionally, governments can facilitate programs that connect these institutions to customers in the community through programs such as Solarize. This guide aims to assist local governments in engaging lending institutions on financing residential and small commercial solar PV projects to increase the adoption of solar power in their communities.

Aggregate Net Metering: Opportunities for Local Governments Report

Aggregate Net Metering: Opportunities for Local Governments is a report from the North Carolina Solar Center released under the SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership. Aggregate Net Metering is the practice of allowing one or more customers to combine their electrical meters for the purpose of net metering. Because local governments typically have many electric accounts and meters, Read More »

Property Taxes and Solar PV Systems: Policies, Practices, and Issues

The North Carolina Solar Center and Meister Consultants Group have released a report under the SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership on current state practices associated with the assessment and taxation of PV equipment. Property Taxes and Solar PV Systems: Policies, Practices, and Issues is intended as a resource for industry stakeholders, property owners, and state and Read More »

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Encouraging Solar Development through Community Association Policies and Processes

This guide, written for association boards of directors and architectural review committees, discusses the advantages of solar energy and examines the elements of state solar rights provisions designed to protect homeowner access to these benefits. It then presents a number of recommendations associations can use to help bring solar to their communities. HERE TO VIEW Read More »

How-to Guide: Solarize Guidebook

The NREL’s “Solarize Guidebook” acts as roadmap for project planners and solar advocates trying to jump-start their own successful Solarize campaigns.

To view this guide, click here.

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