Fact Sheet: Solar Cost Myths and Misconceptions

As more individuals, corporations, and local governments consider photovoltaic (PV) solar energy as a means of controlling their energy costs, it is important to understand current costs and financing options. Despite the record growth of the solar industry in recent years,1 many people interested in PV often encounter various myths or misconceptions about the costs Read More »

Fact Sheet: Solar Bulk Purchasing for Local Governments

As with most consumer goods, the bulk purchasing of solar energy equipment and installation services provides an opportunity for homeowners, businesses, and local governments to drive down the cost of their investment. In recent years, local governments across the U.S. have increasingly made use of two bulk purchasing models with great success.

Fact Sheet: Community Choice Aggregation

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs are bulk electricity purchasing arrangements through which municipalities are empowered to negotiate electric supply rates with power providers on behalf of the residents and business owners within their jurisdiction.  

Steps to a Successful Solar RFP

This brief is designed to aid those overseeing procurement for the local government they serve with developing successful Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for solar energy systems. Readers will learn about the essential elements of a solar RFP and receive introductory guidance on how to evaluate any proposals received, and are directed to tools, resources, and sample documents that can help maximize the effectiveness of their solar procurement efforts.

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Solar and Grid Stability

This short paper presents a discussion of the myths and misconceptions regarding solar’s impact on the electric grid, improving local government officials’ understanding of these issues and providing them with the information they need to dispel these myths as they are encountered. The focus here is on technological advances made over the past several years at the system level and on the technological and operational advances that will be required under high-penetration scenarios. Readers will obtain a more complete understanding of these issues and will be connected to resources they can use to help ensure solar can continue to be connected to the grid while maintaining safety and reliability.

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Solar Accounting: Measuring the Costs and Benefits of Going Solar

Here we provide a budget and finance officers at the local level with a brief primer on conducting cost-benefit analyses to assess the economic viability of municipal solar energy systems. Discussion centers on how to estimate system output and to properly value this output, the various incentives local governments can take advantage of and how the value of these incentives should be calculated, and the impact that different ownership models can have on project economics. This publication is designed to help local officials determine if investing in solar is a financially beneficial decision.

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Solar in Small Communities: Challenges and Opportunities

This brief outlines several strategies smaller governments can use in order to promote the use of solar in their communities. We provide examples and resources illustrating how these strategies have been or are currently being implemented in small local jurisdictions across the country.

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Solar as a Revenue Generator for Local Governments

This brief discusses some of the revenue generation mechanisms associated with solar development and provides examples of how local governments have already leveraged these techniques to their fiscal benefit.

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Solar Energy Resources List

APA has compiled a list of resources on planning-related aspects of solar energy implementation.

You can view the list here.

PAS QuickNotes on Planning for Solar Energy

This PAS QuickNotes (QN) discusses how public officials and engaged citizens can support solar goals through five strategic points of intervention in the local planning system.

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