• Bainbridge Island City Hall Community Solar Project

    Community Energy Solutions’ Joe Deets discusses the Bainbridge Island City Hall Community Solar project, in this National Association of Regional Councils podcast. Deets played a vital role in spearheading legislation that allows people in Washington State to invest in Community Solar projects. As a result, Community Energy Solutions partnered with the City of Bainbridge Island to create an investor-funded Community Solar project at its City Hall. Deets discusses this solar initiative from its inception in 2005 to its completion in 2012.

  • Mt. Pleasant Solar Co-op Fact Sheet

    The solar co-op model focuses on educating the community on solar and draws on the skills and resources of its members to advance the porgram’s goals.  Mt. Pleasant was able to develop a successful solar co-op that now has over 200 members from over 70 households. Mt Pleasant Solar Co-op Fact Sheet Click for full Read More »

  • Resources for Solar Powering Your Community

    The SolarOPs team created a list of resources to assist local governments and regional councils bolster solar development. The resources include comprehensive guides as well as specific information on solar-ready building design, campaign organizing, zoning codes, expedited permitting, net metering, and interconnection. Click HERE to access the resource list.

  • Incorporating Solar In Your Work

    Solar energy has shown striking growth in recent years, steadily becoming a real economic player and energy source across the country. This presentation explains how to effectively make the case for solar, and how other regional councils have had success integrating solar into their current planning efforts. Click HERE to view the presentation.

  • Alternative Energy Ordinance Framework Workshop

    As solar energy development increases, regions are realizing the need for consistent guidance around constructing renewable energy ordinances. Regions are developing model ordinances and frameworks to provide guidance and sample language for solar PV installations that promote safe and sound community development. In a time of tight budgets, model ordinances are an efficient and cost Read More »

  • Model Ordinances for Solar

    With increases in solar energy development throughout the country, there is an increased need for common sense land use regulations for solar energy systems. By developing model ordinances for solar, regions can provide a needed service to their communities, while also creating an opportunity that supports solar deployment- all at minimal cost.  This presentation created Read More »

  • Regional Solar Planning Workshop

    From high cost to landscape preservation, there are a number of commonly believed barriers to solar adoption. Join the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC) and our panel of local and national experts as we explore these barriers and discuss solutions to encourage solar expansion within local government operations. Click HERE to access the workshop Read More »

  • Pima Association of Governments: Regional Solar Plan Case Study

    The Pima Association of Governments (PAG) created a Regional Solar Plan, comprised of twelve primary stages designed to establish a viable market for solar energy; help their region compete effectively with other western states; stimulate investment and workforce growth in the region; and secure the participation of key stakeholders.  This case study created by the National Association Read More »

  • Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission: Alternative Energy Ordinance Working Group

    As technologies for alternative energy production advance, municipalities in the Delaware Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) region have continually been faced with questions about how to regulate them at the municipal level. In 2009, at the request of the City of Philadelphia and Montgomery County, DVRPC established the Alternative Energy Ordinance Working Group (AEOWG) to bring together leadership from counties Read More »

  • Denver Regional Council of Governments: Solar Map Project

    The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) developed a solar map that provides information on a given rooftop’s solar capacity and simultaneously connects residents and businesses with installers who can help them capitalize on that capacity. Data collected and calculated through this effort provided residents and business owners with an accurate assessment of their building’s potential for solar photovoltaic Read More »