NARC’s Regional Solar Deployment Tools

As demand for solar energy continues to grow, many local governments look for strategies to spur solar deployment in their communities. Regional planning organizations are in a prime position to provide tools, guidance, and technical assistance to their member governments to help them increase local solar adoption. The National Association of Regional Councils (NARC), as part of the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Solar Outreach Partnership (SolarOPs), recently completed several resources aimed at assisting regional councils in helping their local governments learn about, plan for, and adopt solar energy.

The Regional Solar Deployment Handbook is a comprehensive guide to implementing solar energy at the regional level. The handbook identifies seven key strategies that regional councils can use to successfully drive solar adoption in their jurisdictions. Focused on regionally-specific actions, tools, and case studies, this handbook explains the complexities of solar energy while also providing examples of how regional councils have worked on solar throughout the country.


The Solar Deployment Toolkits are designed to help regional councils conceptualize and incorporate solar into various planning initiatives. Learn how solar energy can contribute to local economic development, enhance transportation networks, increase public safety, and help meet environmental goals. Each toolkit contains specific information and resources for financing, planning, and implementing solar as it relates to each of these four issue areas.

The interactive Regional & National Conference Workshop Map provides access to workshop presentation materials from over 60 regional and national conference workshops held across the country since 2011. Presentation materials are available for download, and can be used to educate regional councils interested in solar energy adoption. Each point on the map represents a specific city where one or multiple workshops have been held. Users can click the markers to view presentation materials and host information.