Latest SunShot News

There’s a lot going on for the EERE right now, and we’re here to get you up to speed. First of all, the Rooftop Solar Challenge I results are out, while the Rooftop Solar Challenge II winners have been announced. The first phase of the challenge helped cut permitting time by 40%, and phase two provides another $12 million to streamline solar processes throughout the country.

Are you a PV installer, or just want to learn more about PV installation? Either way, good news: Sandia National Laboratory and New Mexico State University just released  Photovoltaic Guide Post: Multimedia Tutorials for PV Code Inspectors and Installers These resources are geared towards training the growing solar energy workforce, focusing on PV installation and inspection topics.

There are also two new funding opportunities available, from Next Gen III and the Incubator Program. For more information, visit their respective sites and take advantage of these valuable opportunities to expand solar usage in your community.