World Wildlife Fund Steps Up For Clean Energy CCA

Under the auspices of its Earth Hour City Challenge, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) supports the work of local governments in preparing for and responding to the threat of climate change.  This year, WWF is highlighting the importance and potential of local energy aggregation in the nation’s transition to a clean energy economy.

WWF is offering in-kind staff support and the influence of its 1.8 M members to advocate for local CCAs that integrate renewable power and energy efficiency into their local power mix.  In addition, three cities or counties will each be awarded a $30,000 CCA planning grant. One of those will be selected as the US Earth Hour Capital for 2014.

The deadline to enter the Earth Hour City Challenge and apply for grant funding is October 13, 2013. Visit for more information on WWF’s commitment to CCA, or contact Kevin Taylor via email. Grant awards will be announced in March, 2014.

Click here for a grant application.